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Ward Nicholson--updates and clarifications to dietary bio

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Based on reactions received over the months to the "Paleolithic Diet vs. Vegetarianism" interviews, where parts of my story appear, a few points need to be clarified regarding the dietary progression I went through:

Aside from the basics of diet I've slowly worked out that seem to get the best results for me, equally important have been the non-diet factors. For me these aspects come down to: not overworking at the computer (a significant stress on my nervous system, it seems, and hard on the body due to the immobilization for long periods of time); getting the right amount of exercise (not so much that I am continually recovering from hard workouts, but not so little that fitness is sub-par); and getting to bed early enough so as to stay in the flow of my normal circadian rhythm so I get quality sleep.

Whether this same balance holds true for others, I don't know, but for me diet has proven to be but one component in the equation of better health, and not one to overly obsess about once a certain stage in one's quest for health has been reached.

--Ward Nicholson, July 1998

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